(Marcin Dymiter/Ludomir Franczak) (PL)


Progetto presentato da Marcin Dymiter, musicista con al proprio attivo numerose collaborazioni all'interno di formazioni di area sperimentale e improvvisativa (ewa braun, Mapa, Mordy) nonché produttore, e Ludomir Franczak artista impegnato in diversi campi disciplinari - performing arts, design, video.
Il duo emiter_franczak nasce dall'idea di lavorare sulla interdipendenza linguistica tra i materiali musicali e quelli visivi. Un confronto serrato che si sviluppa a partire dal trattamento di dati provenienti dall'utilizzo di strumentazioni molto semplici - mini disc, photo e videocamere, radio, ec. - che si sviluppa in un live dai toni piuttosto scuri, vagamente organici ed ectoplasmataci, con un'estetica conturbante.


Marcin Dymiter has played in many bands: ewa braun, Mapa, Mordy. He has cooperated with musicians engaged with jazz, electronics and avant-garde. He has cooperated and composed for underground theaters, played live to silent films and cooperated with visual artists. Marcin Dymiter is also a musical producer. He has performed in many countries in Europe as well as publishing eight CDs. He experiments with sounds, tone transformations which accompany our lives, seeking out the inspirations in the world around us. He believes that music is everywhere. Composing it is a never-ending process.

Ludomir Franczak is an artist who works in several areas of art: theatre, performance, design, graphics, painting, space installations and video art. He uses his experience from these areas to find a common language with the audience. Ludomir Franczak's idea of working with the picture is close to emiter's work with sound material. Using commonly found objects they work on sound and images, taking advantage of the computer but more importantly using simple equipment: a discman, a mini disc, a joystick, a still camera, a video camera and a radio. The essential element in all these creations is to facilitate the possibility of cooperation between audio and video space.