a project by Xing

International Live-Media Festival
10th edition

Netmage is an international festival dedicated to live media. It is curated by Xing and produced annually, in the city of Bologna, as a multidisciplinary program of works and new commissions, focusing on emergent and underground scenes of contemporary audiovisual research. The festival is structured according to a thematic sense, connected to imaginaries and conjured up worlds. It is a journey, that has been going on for more than a decade. Each edition has, in its own way, represented a different experiment involving happenings, environments, audio and visual installations.
In its ongoing investigation, Netmage presents some of the latest trends in 'live media', constantly exploring and questioning the emergent definitions of this concept. Therefore, the festival continuously gathers heterogenic practices that evoke a wide range of research explored by videomakers; electronic and non electronic musicians; filmmakers; visual artists, as well as photographers; VJs; sound artists; multimedia designers, etc.
Furthermore, Netmage sustains works and projects of Italian artists through the commissioning of special projects.